01 March 2007

is gore a hypocrite?

seems Al Gore, global warming nut that he is, manages to burn through an enormous amount of power in his 10,000 sqft house. i might note that "company spokeswoman Laurie Parker said the utility never got a request from the policy center and never gave it any information." so it's possible the whole story is a facist republican attempt to bring down a modern american hero. or not. they claim to balance their carbon emissions by investing in green stuff. but how does investing actually make up for emissions?


  1. 1 - He has a huge house, his power bill will be larger than most people's. Duh.

    2 - If he's purchasing "green" power, then it will a) cost more PER WATT, and b) have less of a carbon dioxide footprint than electricity purchased from other sources.

    When I drive my biodiesel car, for example, I pay about 40% more than someone who buys normal gas or diesel. So if you look solely at the dollars spent, you might say "Mike is using 40% more energy than the rest of us! Oh noes!" and you'd be a moron if you did.

    If I happened to drive a semi using biodiesel, instead of a jetta, then my gross costs would be exorbitantly high compared to the 'average' driver on the road. And it would likewise be absurd to call me a hypocrite based on that.

    I say give the man a break.

  2. you didn't read the same article i did. his total kWh consumption was about 4 times higher per sqft than 'normal' folks'. the measure is not in dollars; as you said, the expectation/fact is that green power is more expensive right now.

    pay attention, beyotch.

  3. and you know better than most that i can't give anyone a break. "the Gores invest money in projects to reduce energy consumption." even so, i think his main goal should be to make his homes consume less, whether they are completely green or not. of course, i wouldn't care about that last point for my own house if i were 100% green. that's where my idea of hypocrisy comes from.

  4. I didn't even read the article you linked. I read something somewhere else.

    I'd still argue that if you invested in green businesses that affected Millions of power consumers, then your individual excesses could be forgiven to some extent.

    Though, you're right. It would certainly be much cooler if Gore built himself an Earthship. I know he's got the money. I wish he'd buy ME one, for that matter.

  5. Why does he need a 10,000 square foot house? I guess I don't really need a 3,000 square foot one, either. Let's sell it and live in a tent.

  6. BTW, after hearing about the purchase of 'green credits', I started scowling. That practice is essentially gaming our system, instead of making an actual contribution. I'm not sure that I approve. It's like buying indulgences from the Pope in the middle ages.

  7. good analogy. i think that's my problem with it too. let the little people do the real work.

  8. Please understand that I don't advocate living in tents. I do, however, advocate living in ecologically friendly houses, regardless of their size.

    Now if I can just muster the willpower to live up to my own ideals...