10 March 2007


i have a craving for an all-electric car, preferably one that has the zoom of a Ferrari and the price of a snickers. i was intrigued by a show called FutureCar on the discovery channel (i'd link, but their site uses pop-unders) that discussed many alternative energy sources of the future. unfortunately, they gave equal weight to all comers rather than picking through the pros and cons very well. the most appalling thing was to hear the voice-over actor describe how a compressed-air-powered vehicle could produce its own fuel, compressing air as it drove, achieving [i shit you not] "a perpetual motion machine." i wasn't the only one who noticed.

maybe i should turn this post into an opportunity to rail against crappy schools...

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  1. Good article by Tesla. I wish their cars were going to be affordable, but it really doesn't look like it.

    Certainly not the price of a snickers, that's for damn sure.

    And I'm with you. I've practically stopped watching TV shows that showcase 'future tech'. Did you know that the National Geographic Channel is owned by Fox? Which is why it has military propaganda shows now, like Future Weapons, etc. I watched a single show where they spent 15 minutes touting the super-accuracy of this new missile, showed the test launch and the test target. Then a talking head said how great this weapon had performed. But in the severely edited footage they actually showed, you could see that the missile landed off-target, and that any damage to the target zone was incidental and minor. So yeah, Culture of Lies.