17 February 2007

a new federalism

the governator has announced that he is moving beyond the tired governance habits of modern america and is establishing his state as a "nation-state" in the vein of Athens or Sparta. the country is too large to be governed well by a central authority. rather, regional authorities (such as coalitions of states) provide a more representative view of a constituency. thus new england need not rule or be ruled by the bible belt and vice versa. decentralization also provides a means of shifting focus to important matters (e.g. global warming or health care) without the need to persuade everyone of the importance.
A new wave of regional devolution could also build on the more than 200 compacts that now allow groups of states to cooperate on environmental, economic, transportation and other problems. Most likely, regional empowerment would be popular: when the Appalachian Regional Commission was established in 1965, senators from across the country rushed to demand commissions to help the economies and constituencies of their regions, too.


  1. Could the governator actually suggest something as smart as this???!

  2. whether it was he or kodos, i don't really care, just so long as something gets shaken up.

    don't blame me. i voted for kang.

  3. Didn't a few states try this back around the mid-1800's?