16 January 2007

when software becomes cultish

sometimes i find myself thinking the same way Kevin Barnes does about the java cult.
Java as a culture has become a temple of rules presided over by a clergy most of whom only understand the surface meanings of their doctrine, and every day another law is added to the holy writ. Were I still a starry-eyed youth I might, perhaps, view these rules as deep and impenetrable. I could think of them as something that I might learn and eventually understand. Unfortunately, I have long ago passed the point of blind devotion and find myself an atheist amongst the flock. I am no longer impressed by the arguments and am even less impressed by many of those who make them. I have, quite clearly, passed out of all grace and hope for redemption.
the .NET community on whole is basically the same, perhaps without the years of chanting the same phrases. unfortunately, we all have our own versions of the same, whether it's an insistence on protected fields or an insistence that protected fields suck. i know i have my own manifesto in me, but it only comes out in expletives and finger-wags. maybe i'll live up to my name and write it out. then burn all copies.

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