25 January 2007

satanism vs statism

politics being what they are in America, i'm not necessarily surprised by the use of the word 'satanic' to describe another's viewpoints, especially as applied to the debate surrounding school choice. i am personally affronted by teachers' unions attempts to control public education at the expense of the public. unions are established to protect members' interests and therefore cannot represent the interests of school children. while it may be entirely appropriate for union members to provide input on educational decisions, it is parents' right and responsibility to decide what education is of greatest benefit. monopolistic government education necessarily centralizes the power and decision-making in the politically-connected few at the expense of individual families.

invariably, i have found, through individual conversations, that those people who most vigorously support public education are those with access to better public schools or those who deify FDR and have no children. a zealous defense of the present public school architecture stunts debate and hurts society by blocking reform and responsiveness, effectively ignoring the motivations of families seeking to escape the system, especially the poor.

so i encourage people to continue valuing education as a cornerstone of a strong and truly representative democracy, but step back and consider how to achieve goals rather than practices. consider changing the meaning of public education: public funding for private education freely chosen by parents.

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