09 January 2007

regulators just don't get it

Lawrence Lessig admits he was wrong when putting the smack down on microsoft for "anti-competitive" practices. the interesting bit is that he cops to being totally ignorant of what might take place in a market of ideas where unknown and unkowable incentives drive different types of people to innovate. when will regulators and ne'er-do-well activists learn that no individual or elite group can possibly know what's best? central planning absolutely sucks. i thought the rooskies proved that for us.

a monopoly needn't be evil if it is created through consumer choice. google is now the king (or will be) of mashups and integration, the same concept thrown in microsoft's face. if Bill wants to serve his customers better by making the default software on 90+% of computers do more for them, why stand in his way? i was not unable to install and use firefox. i don't necessarily like much of what Bill makes, but i recognize that shizzle has to be tried before it can be perfected. my next computer will prolly be a Mac, but i'm sure they're better for the competition.

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