25 January 2007

per pupil funding

by way of cato.

i came across an interesting post about the funding of education in washington state that puts per-pupil spending over $10k. since my bairns attend or will attend private school, i noticed the huge offset that money would make toward tuition: mighty close to 90%. since mine is seemingly a more expensive private school, how much would an 'ordinary' school cost? my bet is less than that ten grand. i want my two dollars!

the quote i like best is
Imagine what we could achieve if we thought of public education as a goal (an educated public) rather than a particular kind of delivery system (state-operated schools).
i've been saying this for years, but most of what i hear from public school bigots leans toward the latter. so why do we seem to be caught in this circular argument? i think i have my answer:
Responsible citizenship, especially on matters relating to the education of our children, requires more than simply having opinions and going to the polls on voting day.

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