25 January 2007

if you bicycle without a bell, the terrorists have won

i have been informed that there is a great national tragedy unfolding in the UK as we sit comfy in our mold-ridden hovels: people are bicycling without bells! the next thing you know, people will stop wearing helmets. it's a slippery slope--slippery from the blood of innocents.

what drives a society to consider such outrageous attacks on personal freedom? 12 pedestrians dead over five years! and countless bell salesmen starving in the streets and tunnels of Londinium. step 1: "London's mayor, Ken Livingstone, says he is considering forcing cyclists to carry number plates." step 2: bicycles are to be fitted with blackbox devices to record the dramatic actions of bicyclists to be used in courts of law.

update: there may be a light at the end of the chunnel.

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