25 January 2007

Green Shift

via Dr. Dobbs.

i guess it was naive of me to expect only my previous management to sing the praises of a failing project. toward the end of the 'development phase' of a project, i raised a red flag (actually, a series of red flags that aren't necessarily germane to this story) regarding the lack of server to integrate our separate submodules to form the Voltron that would be our dashboard. (consider that the automated tests i had written were routinely removed from the project since they didn't compile after changes were made!) my direct 'manager,' a fellow who realized he couldn't do the technical bits so weaseled his way into a supervisory role, had changed the red status i reported in the morning to yellow in the afternoon. by late afternoon, all was green and rosy; however there was still no server.

as a little joke--and hopefully you won't have had to be there to appreciate it--i replaced all the green/yellow/red/etc. icons in the system with green. so when a user reported status to feed the dashboard, their only real option was green. i saw it as a time-saving device, simply mapping the real workflow to code.

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