19 December 2006


Mike Roberts makes a good spiel for the use of Resharper and i agree 100% that you should at least evaluate it; however, there are a couple of issues that annoy me, though not enough to make me stop using this wonderful tool. there is no Inline Method refactoring and i was told that there are no plans to put it in. i believe there is an API for writing one's own refactorings, so i may try my luck. moving classes between projects is a royal pain, as is renaming a project. i guess the number of I/O steps involved makes it difficult, but i would really like to have a tool make these things easier for me since i do it often enough. it also doesn't handle reverting the same changes well at all. it takes some manual re-jiggering and multiple reverts to make it happen. all-in-all, Resharper is a must have.

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