14 November 2006

why your kids are dumb

"As Math Scores Lag, a New Push for the Basics," brought to you by the NY Times, spins a yarn about the central planning group that gave us fuzzy math back in the day so our kids could feel good about themselves rather than be smart. this same group is now reversing itself, realizing that stupid kids is stupid.
Many parents and teachers remain committed to the goals of reform math, having children understand what they are doing rather than simply memorizing and parroting answers.
i'm not sure how switching to fuzzy math is supposed to accomplish anything different if the kids have the same teachers. seems to me it's the teacher's job to marry students with techniques appropriate to each as an individual. i am a product of public shooling, start to finish; my teachers were wonderful and managed to make me a super-genius without resorting to education fads.

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