12 November 2006

school choice as liberal policy

democrats have long been beholden to teachers unions and other special interests that rate a louder voice in education policy than parents or other citizens. that may be about to change. cato quotes NY governor-elect, Eliot Spitzer,
I do not think that the prospect of change in [education] is enhanced by the abandonment of pluralism and choice as liberal ideas and liberal values. If that happens it will present immense problems for a person such as myself who was deeply involved in this issue long before it was either conservative or liberal. And if it prevails only as a conservative cause, it will have been a great failure of American liberalism not to have seen the essentially liberal nature of this pluralist proposition.
i can imagine democrats now taking up for school choice as a rhetorical means of promoting equality of opportunity, if not as a pragmatic solution to crappy education policy. education tax credits offer a tasty way out of blustery deadlock. perhaps my kids will grow up in a nation ignorant of newspeak.

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