12 November 2006


one of my [many] peeves in scientific programming is a lack of units in calculations. recentlyish, i was subjected to a database that was supposed to provide molar concentration. rather, the data was expressed in mg/L, which, as any schmoe knows, is no good without molar mass. of course, that data was not present.

so why do people tend to leave out units when performing calculations? i guess it's easiest to deal in double-precision numbers than units. it's a sad state indeed. enter ruby-units. i don't do much of anything with Ruby, but i dig the idea of this library. i'm thinking i may try my hand at writing or porting this baby to jæva/.NET.

thanks, Alan.

1 comment:

  1. Don't thank me ... thank the guy that wrote ruby-units. All I did was point it out.

    I'm amazed that something like this hasn't been a standard programming language feature for years.