27 November 2006

circuit city eats best buy for lunch, leaves room for dessert

many of you may know (or rightly suspect) that i hold grudges for extended periods against specific corporations known to suck. best buy is probably at the top of my list because of its terrible customer service and return policies. i usually take my business to circuit city just because i can't think of another place to buy stuff, but this time i was quite happy for it.

i bought me a brand-spanking-new mouse, all wireless and stuff with lots of buttons that make my screen jump. i chose this mouse because of the mail-in rebate (that i usu despise) that put its price below that of the wired version (that i prefer). i finished paying only to realize the rebate had expired. the nice lady at the register, Rita, gave me the discount at the register: no mail-in required. so simple, yet so not gonna happen at best buy.

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